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Captive Design 

& Management

Over the last few decades, captives have been growing in popularity as an alternative for middle market businesses seeking more control over their insurance costs than the traditional guaranteed cost market provides.  


In addition to the potential premium reductions, captives can also offer other unique benefits such as group leveraging, tax savings, and specialized unbundled risk control and claims handling.

The leadership at CoEfficient Underwriters, Inc. has been working in captives since 1999 and has been responsible for the formation and management of over 25 group captives and $500M+ in premium.

Whether you are a large business looking to start a single cell captive, or an agency considering a risk taking position, we at Coefficient Underwriters are well versed in these and many other alternative risk options.  


Designing, structuring, and launching captives are our expertise.  Contact us to discuss how we might help you by developing or managing your captive. 

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