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Designed For Nurse Staffing, Long-Term Care, Nursing Home,
& Assisted Living Facilities

Workers Compensation Program

Guaranteed Cost Policies or Our Unique Simplified Captive

Coverage & Service Highlights

  • A-" (Excellent) Rated Insurance Carrier - AmTrust

  • Nationwide Coverage

  • Monthly Pay As You Go & Premium Financing

  • Customized Loss Control Services

  • Unbundled Claims Handling 

  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation

  • Blanket Alternate Employer

captive benefits...

  • FAST Profit Returns Up to 50% of Premium

  • Performance Driven Pricing

  • Easy Renewals

  • Marketplace Leverage


Our model is simple: the best performers get the biggest profit returns.

without the drawbacks

  • NO Loss Performance Assessments

  • NO Ownership Liabilities

  • NO Effective Date Changes

Minimum Premium of $100,000

 Large Member Structure for over $1,500,000

Also Available:

Nurse IC Logo white and green tiff.tiff

The broadest coverage to protect independent contractor healthcare workers insured on the job.

"A-" Rated Nationwide Statutory Workers Compensation

Not Subject to Audit

Simple, Flat Monthly Rates Based on Active Nurses

Low Down Payment

Relationship Separation Between the IC & Healthcare Facility

Top Quality Customer Service

For More Information Please Contact: or (847) 686-0000

Looking to build your own unique insurance product?

We can design a structure that works for your business needs.

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